Whitby Limousine Service

Whitby is an up-and-coming city in the Durham Region. No municipality has experienced more growth in the past few years, and things are only picking up in the business capital of the region. Driving North from the 401, you will first see the origins of the city with the classic down town district that is best described as enchanting. The further North you drive, the more contemporary the look of the city becomes as you approach Rossland road and onwards. Finally, you hit Taunton road where the newest development is now occurring. As the city continues to grow at this pace, so will your need for Whitby limousine service. Citizens across the Durham region are taking notice about how well the city is doing, and everyone is deciding to move in! If you live anywhere between Garden Street and Thickson Road along Taunton Road, you will definitely know that everything you need is within arm’s reach. Whether you need to go shopping to Walmart and Superstore, need some food from East Side Mario’s or Kelsey’s, or just simply want to get a great workout at one of two fine LA Fitness facilities within the area, you have everything you need and more. To think that all of these locations came up within the last decade is an amazing accomplishment on its own, but goes to show the demand for the great city. Your next order of business is to get Whitby limousine service to take you wherever you need to go, but make sure you plan a few trips because there are many things to see. Visit the lakeshore area down in the South end where animals like chipmunks and birds are known to be friendly, and will even come to your hand if you have a peanut to offer them! Want to hike? Heber Downs is another great area to visit in Whitby where you have a forest that is literally five minutes away from your house if you live along Taunton Road. The trails are very long, so make sure you pack food and water for your adventures but you will definitely come out of it feeling accomplished and refreshed. Then, when it is finally time to relax, get your Whitby limousine service to take you to one of the many fine restaurants that Whitby has to offer. The city has definitely known to make people fall in love, and if there is one thing you can take from this blog, it is that Whitby is constantly getting better and so is its limo service.

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